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"Our goal is to awaken you to a different, more authentic listening to music."

The TDF project stems above all from a deep need for freedom, respect and sharing. Insatiable curiosity, open-mindedness, diversity, passion and love of sound: these are the values from which we draw our strength and inspiration on a daily basis to offer you unique and memorable experiences!

TDF Agency

Production of audio content for games & videos.

TDF Records

International Techno Label.

TDF Play

Indie game development studio.


TDF is also a sound quality label, all of us are informed listeners, and we are all too aware that the majority of people don’t know how to listen to music properly today, without even realizing it.
The stereo image, room acoustics, psychoacoustics, the combination of the material, its condition, etc. are all parameters that influence the waves, their propagation and therefore the perception we have of them.

We devote particular attention to psychoacoustics, the relationship between the auditory perception of the human being and the sounds that reach his ears. Our goal is also to awaken you to a different, more attentive listening of the music and send decibels correctly in your little ears, firstly to preserve them, but above all so that the sensation, the immersion … listening is optimal.

Beyond the cultural exchange between Paris and Montreal, France and Canada, all our members come from rich and different underground cultures, each with their own background. Our skills and interests are divided into several areas.
Areas in which we are working through three distinct sub-projects: TDF Records, indie label ; TDF Agency, an audio production agency for games & video industry; and TDF Play, indie video game development studio.

To find out more about one of our sub-projects, simply click on its name below: